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Fashion,16 March 2020

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So, a girl can dream right? I’m dreaming of many things right now, but mostly I’m dreaming of good health for all of us.

Today we decided to keep the kids’ home and try to minimize all human contact. No specific reason other than that we can do it, so why not? Also, every other friend of mine is pregnant and I don’t want to take any chances to put their health at risk. Maybe we can slow down the spreading of the virus and help hospitals and health care in some way? Or maybe it doesn’t really matter… Anyway, I’m going to cut down on exposing myself to the risk of getting smitten, therefore I’m ordering a big batch of food and laundry detergent etc. (not toilet paper, hehe) from the grocery store and just stay calm in my boat. I’m going to be outdoors with my children and focus on family time. There’s not much we can do right now but to wait and stay hopeful.

Luckily there is still so much good and positive in our lives to focus on right now.

How are you handling the situation? Any thoughts?

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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