Fashion,23 March 2019

What a good flow I’m in when it comes to updating this blog, right? Feeling more exited and inspired than in a long while. It must be because of the light. Actually, I’m feeling really good right now generally. How about you? No anxiety for weeks and I think I’m on my third week without repeatedly waking up to horrible nightmares many times per week. That’s a good sign…

Today, we are hanging out with friends and my kids have requested a candy day so today is their lucky day. I don’t really believe in restricting eating candy to one specific day, but at least it’s good for their teeth.

Since school kicked off I’ll be studying this weekend as well, but most of all, I’ll make sure to enjoy being with the family, plan our upcoming family vacation and of course; yoga.

coat nanso// trousers exert panno// boots zara// knit &other stories// bag dior// belt chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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