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Uncategorized,20 June 2014
jacket andiata// sweatshirt bikbok// pants zara// shoes wonders// bag chanel
A few weeks ago we were invited to a lovely dinner with friends and a many kids ;). We had the best time, and we all laughed at the fact that life, including nice dinner parties have changed a lot since having children. The men were discussing strollers and other necessities, diapers were changed under the table and kids falling a sleep on the balcony, on the couch and at the table (except for little miss sunshine who never gets tired of socializing). To the point, I wore a silk blouse to dinner and because of a nursing accident I got to borrow this white sweatshirt from the host. I totally fell in love with it and wore it several times before I had to call my friend and meet up with her before I totally worn it out! It’s from bikbok and there is nothing special about it really, except that it seems to work with pretty much everything. I love it, and my dear friend who was kind enough to lend it to me and actually offered to give it to me ;P! Now the sweatshirt is back with her mama and I have a better conscience and a less heavy heart for borrowing it for so long ;). Love and peace!


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