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Beauty,4 November 2014

I am now going to tell you about my skin care routines because that is one question that I see popping up frequently in the comment field. First of all I believe that the condition of our skin is effected by many things, not only the products that we use. Hormones, weather, diet, mood and lifestyle play a significant role on our skins well being. Keeping hydrated is very important but also fresh air, enough sleep and stress managing skills are a few important components that give our skin that extra glow.

My skin has always been dry and sensitive. After becoming a mother I noticed a big change in my skin but I knew it was because of hormones. Now I’m slowly getting back to normal and I want to keep taking extra good care of my skin, especially going towards even more cold and harsh weather.

I prefer my products to be natural and free of chemicals which is why I was happy to discover Mádara. I love to know that the products that I use are safe and natural. My skin feels much more clean knowing that my skin care products are natural and organic. I want to give my skin a break and a chance to rest and rejuvenate, especially during the night .




Here are my everyday skin care routines step by step:

1. cleanse (morning and evening) Mádara purifying foam

2. toner (morning and evening) Mádara comforting toner

3. moisturizer (morning) Mádara deep moisture cream

4. moisturizer (night) Mádara regenerating night cream

5. moisturizer for face, body and hands (in my purse) Mádara daily defense



If also you feel like spoiling your skin, Mádara offer a 24 hour sale on their entire selection (limited stock)! Starting On the night between Wednesday and Thursday you have a 24 h opportunity to get -40% on Mádara Organic Skincare products!

The sale starts tomorrow night on the sixth of November at 00.01 o’clock and ends at 24.00. 

Free shipping on all orders over the value of 30€ . If you order for 60€ or more, yo’ll get a regenerating night cream 50ml suitable for all skin types worth 32€,  for free!

You get to Mádara web shop HERE!

Happy shopping:D!

*In collaboration with Mádara


  • Kamila

    As far as i know this brand isn’t available here in Poland, but i definately say that i agree with you in terms of natural cosmetics! :)
    p.s. yesterday was the night of that M. Buble concert I wrote to You some time ago. It was such a great night! I don’t know if Finland is included in his worldtour but I can highly recommend his live performance! I still have big smile on my face – it was such a positive, happy and energetic evening! :))) <3

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