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Fashion,22 January 2020

A question that keeps coming back to me is about self-confidence. I’ve had many good conversations about this subject with some of you in my inbox, but thought I’d share a little something I came to think about. A little tip to keep in mind in case you want to work on your self-confidence.

Yesterday on Stories I talked about being proud over ourselves and not be afraid to say it out loud. I feel like it’s very common to downplay and talk down ourselves. I do it myself and find it quite typical for women. Especially here in Finland. I can even catch myself saying things about myself I really don’t mean or believe. It’s not a charming trait and in the long run, quite harmful.

Actually, a friend of mine made me realize something very important last summer when she said that what we say (even if we don’t really mean it or joke about) our brains start to believe. Ever since that day, I’ve kept that with me. Hence, I try to say and think positive things about myself, others and life in general. It’s easier said than done, but at least we can try to stop ourselves from talking shit about ourselves. I’d rather manipulate my brain to think nice things over negative. So, I really recommend you to create a habit of self-bragging in your own safe environment. There is nothing ugly about that! I have a person I always call when I want to celebrate or just share my own achievements and good feelings with and friends/ groups on WhatsApp to juggle and celebrate work related things with. It goes both ways of course, which makes everything even better.

It doesn’t have to be work related and should be about everything and nothing. One of my best friends called me the other day just to say how nice and pretty she felt at work that day. Of course, that good feeling should be celebrated, no?

Bragging around for sure isn’t a charming feature either but cheering and celebrating your own and others victories is. I think, we just have to find those people around us to do it with.

Lastly, I want to share these pictures of my new blazer dress that I love. I felt nice wearing it ;).

blazer dress Zara// teeshirt H&M// sunglasses Chimi eyewear// boots &otherstories// bag Dior

 Pictures by Sara-Annika Aremo

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