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Fashion,Outfit,12 August 2017

Sitting in one of my favorite cafe’s while waiting for one of my childhood friends. Let’s call it “me time”, although it’s an expression I can’t really say I understand or support. I ran off to the hairdresser before 9am and I’m prolonging my time away from home by working, people watch and catch up with my friend. I love sinking into my own world while listening to the hum of voices and hide behind my computer. Complete silence sometimes gives me anxiety and kills my creativity.

Later today I’m gonna jump into this dress (or something similar) and attend a garden party. Isabel Marant has nailed it lately with her perfect designs. I love the use of material and flattering cuts. Not too bohemian but perfectly relaxed yet feminine.

img_0266 img_0301 img_0288 img_0247 img_0298 img_0304 img_0272

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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