saying no to carpe diem

Fashion,Outfit,18 November 2015

This time we live in couldn’t be more focused on trying to live in the moment, carpe diem, enjoying right now and all of that. What I’ve been thinking about lately, is that I somewhat disagree. I’ve also been very focused on being in the here and now, but at the same time I’ve come to realize how important our past is, and how much it affects our lives and who we are.

I don’t need to remember every single thing that have occurred on the way and not being able to move on and forgive only becomes trouble, but some specific happenings and moments really define me, my life and explains a lot about the person I am today. If we only focus on the here and now everything else that has built who we are today looses value, becomes useless and a total waste of time. I want to cherish and remember my past, happenings, memories and beautiful moments on the path that has lead to where and who I am, and I also need to dream and fantasies about the future. I would be clueless of who I am if it wasn’t for my past and my memories.

If I didn’t have my memories I’d feel very lost, and If it wasn’t for my dreams I’d feel even more lost, meaningless and without direction. I am not trying to belittle this day or this moment, but I find the past and future has gotten a bad reputation, which I think is unfair. To me everyday is as important, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I need to understand to appreciate, enjoy life and also dream to work towards building myself a meaningful life.

Today I’m gonna dedicate this day to my past and future, and focus on building more beautiful memories to want to remember in years from now.


coat & boots zara//maternity jeans hm// bag louis vuitton// sunglasses ray ban 

Pictures by J. Tuliniemi


  • Knirrekorv

    Härliga bilder babe! Så mysig outfit, Knirre approved!

  • Natali

    Beautiful words dear… Exactly my way of thinking… I don’t want to never not look back! Past is past for a reason but past made who I am today and today will be tomorrow’s past too, so today I’m making whom I’m gonna be tomorrow.
    I definitely don’t want to be stuck in the past, but past IS filled with some amazing memories and faces that will always have special place in my heart and some stories, I’ll keep on re-remembering and will keep on talking about just to be able to remember some good old times and to also easier understand my “present” self and how far I’ve come in the past 28 years…

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