Food,21 December 2015
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While my dear and already very missed friend Dora is on holiday, I want to bring awareness to this cute place on Iso roobertinkatu called Ruokakauppa. Dora introduced me to it and we had a very lovely lunch there just before she left. I’ve walked past it many times and my food experience was just as lovely as I imagined it to be.

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I ate a nice vegetarian lasagna with a side of salad and Dora had soup (can’t remember which one specifically, but it was really delicious as well). All foods are vegetarian but can as well be purchased with a side of meat. I prefer to eat vegetarian, but my imagination and cooking skills are way to poor and limited to be able to fully follow a meat free diet. I should though, because I feel terrible for eating animals when I don’t even enjoy the taste that much. Something to really put thought into…Sofia Ruutu OOTD20151216_6153

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Ruokakauppa is located on Iso roobertinkatu 20-22. I highly recommend to pay a visit if you like me like places with a lot of charm, nice atmosphere and good food.

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


  • Natali

    Oh, I’ve discovered this spot about a year ago and have loved it ever since! They also do the catering ( that’s how they started ) and I love their pizza cuts as well as their laskiais pulla ,they’re so delicious!!

  • Nancy

    I have always considered you a animal lover, not only because you have dog, so your opinion about meat eating doesnt suprise me. What I am suprised about, however, is that you wear real fur. Would you care to do a post about it? I’m sure you know that the fur industry is really cruel and the animals suffer.

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hi, I understand that it might be confusing. However, ufortunately I’ve decided to not discuss or explain myself regarding these subjects on the blog since it is such a complicated, emotional and opinionated subject.

  • Eleonora

    This place looks awesome and I think it is great you prefer vegetarian dishes. You should go vegan though (or at least try it), it will change your life :)

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