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Fashion,19 July 2019

It almost never happens, but tonight, me and hubs are hitting the town together. We are going out for drinks and dinner with friends and I’m being all dramatic about it because it feels so big to have a babysitter and all. Feels a bit unreal to spend time together just the two of us without kids for an entire night.

Right now I’m sitting in the car for a change, but still on my way home from the cottage. I’m all crammed up in between the kids (still wearing my pajamas btw) who are all caught up in their own worlds with an iphone and ipad- tired of spending time in the car. I’m blogging and searching decoration inspiration on Pinterest. Thank God for technology :D!

Tomorrow however, is a new day and I’m planning to wake up early with the kids and start working on our family picture wall. I decided to invite 21 friends over for a crayfish party later this summer, which works as the perfect boost to organize at home and finish ongoing projects.

How are you guys doing? You’ve been quiet lately :D

coat filippa k// dress and shoes topshop// bag dior

Pictures: Janita Autio

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