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As you know skin is our largest organ and something I’m very passionated about. I want to really spoil myself when it comes to skin care and I find healthy naked skin very sensual, fragile and beautiful. My skin is sensitive and needs gentle products and care. It also reacts easily to changing weather conditions, stress and hormonal changes. My skin and I went through a rough period when I was breast feeding and I suffered a lot during the short period I struggled with acne. Even though I don’t mind being au natural and spend most of my time totally makeup free, I found myself to be self conscious during the time when my skin acted out. My entire face was covered with small hormonal zits and they were tough to remove by myself. Luckily I wasn’t left with scars, but I made a complete change in my skin care routine and decided not to ever use anything too strong and only focus on gentle, natural and high quality products.

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A few months ago I got to test the skin renewal kit from Swiss Clinic which turned out to be one of the most effective products I’ve ever tried. Creams, masks, serums and lotions are very important, but it might be difficult to get any “extreme” results only by applying cream on top of the skin. When I suffered from skin problems, I needed to get deeper…

The Skin Renewal Kit consists of a skin roll, disinfection spray and rejuvenating gel. The roll is equipped with micro needles that make tiny tiny micro holes in the outer layer of the skin, to help itself renew faster and more effectively.

Honestly, this roll is extremely effective and has made a huge different on my skin. I started to use this roll a little more than one month ago, and I’ve used it in periods. I use it for a few days in a row more efficiently, which after I give my skin a brake and a chance to really rest, renew itself and hydrate. When I roll I can feel my blood circulation increase and my skin actually starts to scurf and renew itself. Because my skin reacts so well and so effectively, I have noticed a huge change in my over all appearance. I look more rested, fresh, my skin is glowing like never before and I haven’t had one zit in weeks! This product also maximizes the effect of products applied on the skin up to 300 percent! I can really feel that my skin feels and looks cleaner and clearer. This product is something I really believe in and even though I’m usually sceptic towards all kind of products supposed to do “miracles”, this one makes a lot of sense to me. It has actually been proven that one of the most important things when applying creams isn’t necessarily the cream itself, but the massaging movements we do when we apply it.

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Swiss Clinic skin renewal kit is also the Swedish beauty  & cosmetic award winner 2015.

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I use the 0,5 mm roll intended for the face to fight acne scars, aging and help rejuvenate the skin. The roll can also be used against hair loss and fine hair, which is something I for sure will try if I lose as much hair this time around when breast feeding. There is also a larger 1 mm roll intended for stretch marks and cellulite. I have used mine a little here and there, but seriously tempted to also get the bigger one. If you are pregnant and looking to prevent stretch marks I would highly recommend trying the larger 1 mm Swiss Skin roll. I have seen the result on my face and this roll must in my opinion be the most effective product on the market do to it’s ability to go deeper than the surface. I have also read and seen stunning results removing almost all signs of acne scars only after a couple months of using the roll.

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Before use it is very important to always have completely clean skin. The Swiss Sanitizer Spray makes it easy to keep the roll clean and sanitized, which is important since it works not only on the surface but also comes deeper.

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Swiss Rejuvenator Serum increases the effect after rolling and hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. This gel is light and smooth and makes the skin feel like velvet. Although, I top the serum off with another natural night cream, since my skin needs a richer cream for night time.

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I now offer you a 15 % discount on the skin renewal products using the code SOFIA15. I highly recommend you to check out other products from Swiss Clinic as well. They offer everything from teeth whitening to eye lash and eye brow enhancing treatments and products to fight cellulite.

I can really from the bottom of my heart recommend the Skin Rejuvenating Kit for anyone who has any kind of skin issues, scars or wants to fight signs of aging. My skin has never been as fresh and clear since I started to use this kit. Pictures used in this post are completely free of makeup and not retouched (apart from added light and contrast) to really show how my skin looks in its natural state of mind.

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Pictures by Dora Dalila



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