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Good afternoon lovely readers! Yesterday I worked all day and today I’m spending my entire day at the library studying for my exam tomorrow.

Last Sunday me and Matti arranged a little photo session at his place. We just casually played around with his new camera gear and kept everything else very simple. Sometimes (or mostly actually) simplicity is everything, and this time as so many others I especially fell in love with these black and white images. Black and white photos always have something so timeless and elegant over them that I really like. All in all it was a fun day and I’ll be posting more images later.

Photos: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki 20150308-DSC_7503


As I’ve been so busy lately I was thinking it would be the perfect time to activate you a little ;). How about you ask me anything you want when it comes to beauty, skin care and makeup and I’ll answer in a separate post in the beginning of next week! I was even thinking I could brave up and make a make up video some time soon! So go ahead and post your questions below this post in the comment field and I’ll answer as well as I can in the beginning of next week!



  • georgie

    Your detailed skin care routines (with specific products) for day and night.
    Favourite lipstick (brand and color) for day at work, day off and evening
    I would also love to hear which (if any) supplements you use daily.

    Cheers :)

  • Natali

    You look gorgeous on these photos! There’s always some kind of certain magic in black and white portrait photos. :)
    Good luck with the exam tomorrow.


    • Sofia Ruutu

      I miss you :(. Just when I would have the time to really enjoy long coffees and strut around downtown you leave ;)! I hope your having a good time and don’t you even try tempting me into coming there ( because you know I probably can’t resist and I have to be in school :/).

  • Lisa

    I am really looking forward to a make up video :) and I would also like to know if you have a special hairstyling advice for evenings which is quick?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      hmmm Maybe I’ll make another video about how I do my hair as well :). One thing at a time though. But thank’s for the idea ;)

  • TH

    Miten suhtaudut vanhenemiseen? Lähinnä siis ulkonäön kannalta, koska muotimaailmassa kuitenkin ihannoidaan nuoruutta.

  • Vilma


    Lähinnä kiinnostaisi tietää sun luottomeikkituotteista, ja se että onko sulla koskaan ollut mitään suurempia iho-ongelmia (akne tms.) ja jos on niin miten pääsit siitä eroon? Olis myös kiva kuulla mikä sun lempi tuoksu (hajuvesi) on?

    Ihanaa kevättä sinne! <3

  • Anniina


    aluksi haluan kiittää sinua hienosta blogistasi, jota aktiivisesi seuraan.

    Minua kiinnostaisi tietää miten hoidat hampaitasi ja mitä olet mieltä esim. hampaiden valkaisusta.
    Minua kiinnostaisi myös ihonhoitorutiinisi, mm. kuinka monta kertaa vuodessa käyt kosmetologilla hoitamassa ihoasi. Eräänä kysymyksenä olisi myös, että onko sinulla jotain suosikiksi muodostuneita ihonhoitotuotteita. Kiitos.

  • heidi

    mitä tuotteita suosittelisit seka iholle esim. puhdistukseen?
    mielestäni mustavalkoiset kuvat ovat tyylikkäitä, tuovat tuulahduksen menneestä ajasta.:)

  • jessie

    Kannatan meikkivideota :)))) kivaa viinkonlopun jatkoa <3

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