Pros and cons of traveling

Fashion,Outfit,4 January 2018

Guess what I’ve realized? Traveling isn’t something I crave anymore. Very rarely actually. In fact, I choose not to travel so much because I don’t find it all that giving. I’ve traveled a lot in my life and I loved seeing the world and familiarize myself with other cultures, but as soon as I realized how good things are at home I lost the urge to get away.

I’ve always traveled for work and therefore I don’t think of it as that relaxing. All the planning, booking, packing and arrangements’ that have to get done, especially when traveling with children. What I find most difficult is the rearranging of schedules around the trip. The amount of work and school that as to get done beforehand, after and in worst case during the trip. I like to live life at the same, comfortable and well-structured way I’m used to day after day. Work the same number of hours per day and not die of stress before an upcoming trip and during the last days of my holiday. I can hear myself how old and extremely not adventures, fun or spontaneous I sound :D. When I do travel I like to escape for real, for a longer time and build new routines and ways to cooperate.

I don’t even know how this came to mind, but I guess I’m trying to understand why I choose this grayness over turquoise water and golden sunsets. However, I do have some work trips planned for this month. So, I’m hoping you will tag along ;).

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