Project 31

Fashion,3 February 2019

Ok, so now I’m 31 and there is no way around having to accept that. Getting older is a blessing, therefore I’m trying to make the most out of it and my life situation as it is right now. I have two kids and not planning to have any more. We finally sleep better, waking up only a few times a night. I have a job I like that offers me experiences and opportunities I never even dared to dream off and I spend loads of time with my friends again. We have a social life as a couple and family and I even have time to do things just for myself. That leads me to project 31. The year I’m going to find my way back to my love for fitness and physical well-being. If that means I have to sleep walk my way to the gym at 6.30 so be it!

So today, I kicked off my new routine of exercising with the girls. Maybe a bit cocky to call it a new routine, but I’m 31. I know how I roll. I guess that’s the best part about aging. A strong body is just a bonus we all deserve if we want to and for me, the time is now.

dress rotate// earrings glitter

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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