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How wonderful it feels to be back to basics. Holidays are of course the highlights of the year, but I’ve always loved regular weekdays with a repetitive and safe flow. The first day after a break always feels incredible and my productivity is on top.

One thing that came to my mind the other day is procrastination. I am a big procrastinator and have been all my life, but never until a couple of years ago have I learned to accept that and make it work in my advantage. Listened to the Ted Talk about procrastination by Tim Urban. Watch it if you haven’t already because I love how it looks at something we so often experience as a flaw, but from a different perspective. I also want to listen to The 4 -Hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss. Have you read it?

Personally, I’ve learned to know how I work and get things done. Exams and deadlines give me extreme anxiety, but at the same time I always get my sh*t together on time. Never missed a deadline in my life and I also put a lot of work and effort into the work I produce. I basically need pressure to get the best out of myself and somehow, I even enjoy. There is something so unique about locking myself into the library for a couple of days, knowing I don’t have any other option but to start and finish what I need to get done.

Does it really matter what the process looks like as long as the quality doesn’t suffer and you reach your goal? One way isn’t necessarily better than the other if it suits your personality the best. I’ve come to love my working pattern and nowadays I trust myself and embrace it. I give myself deadlines (anxiety free) and stick to those. I make to-do lists I need to stick to, but I’ve also learned to trust my given deadlines. When I need to hand in a paper on Tuesday I hand it in on Tuesday. That’s how I roll and it works for me. I don’t need to feel bad about not handing it in on Monday.

Aging is a wonderful thing. To explore and learn about oneself is so fruitful and can give us the best tools in life to help us embrace ourselves. Whether it’s restlessness, procrastination, sensitivity or any other dominating or challenging quality. Being able to handle these qualities and make the most of them makes life so much easier.

coat vintage// hoodie filippa k// jeans levi’s// boots anine bing// bag gucci

Pictures by Juulu Rönkä

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