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Outfit,25 March 2015
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Hello lovely readers! I hope you’ve had a great day so far. My day has been both fun, exciting and important. I’m not even going to talk about the minor “snow storm” we had this morning, since the weather has turned back to spring in no time :).

I got scared spring cancelled on us just when I had started to play with the thought of bringing out my ballerina flats. I guess I still have to wait a while but I’m happy I have these pictures from a couple of weeks ago to look at. Ballerina flats are so easy to wear and instantly makes any outfit more casual while still being girly. I love sneakers, oxford shoes and all that, but ballerina flats will always be a part of my basic wardrobe. They are perfect to carry with you if you wear heels and also perfect when traveling. I even think ballerina shoes look ok with a dressier outfit for night time.

This outfit is something I’d wear on any regular day. I love to dress up a little even for the most normal day by wearing a dress, heels or red lipstick. I just think it’s important not to go overboard and wear everything all at once. But then again I think it’s always better to be a little over dressed instead of under dressed. Dressing up shows respect and appreciation while under dressing can be almost offending in my opinion.

Enough about dresses and shoes for today. Now I have to get back working on my school paper ;).
Enjoy your night!

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jacket mission// dress carven// shoes wonders// bag chanel// sunglasses rayban

Photo by Dora Dalila


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