Outfit,5 December 2014

Good morning! Can’t believe it’s Friday again! This week went by so fast but I’m still excited and thankful for the weekend to come. I love hanging out with my family and this weekend we have a lot of fun activities planned. Today we’re going to attend  music class with Greta and later we’re enjoy some afternoon tea with friends. Tomorrow and on Sunday we’ll be visiting relatives. We do that quite often actually, visit relatives and family. I find it really important to stay up to date with what’s happening in their lives and I also want Greta to get to know her family right from the start. I also made plans to have a coffee/ shopping date with my bestie but we’ll see how our schedules match. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that one to happen ;).

Hope your  having a great morning so far!



poncho andiata// tee hm// jeans acne// boots zara// bag chanel



  • I agree with you on staying in touch/ loop with the close family/ relatives.
    I also find it of importance to have my daughter “know” that she has so many
    other dear people in her life besides her parents and I see how much she benefits from
    spending time with all of them. Too bad that most of our family members live outside
    Helsinki or even Finland, but we surely do try our best to stay connected via Skype
    when not possible “face-to-face” :)


  • Jenny

    Oi mikä kaunokainen oletkaan! :) Olisi kiva nähdä susta joskus meikitön kuva! Olet varmasti upea heti herättyäsikin :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Minulla on varmasti blogissa montakin meikitöntä kuvaa. Minulla ei vaan ole tapana mainostaa meikittömyyttäni sillä en edes itse kiinnitä siihen erityisesti huomiota. En sano ettenkö näyttäisi sata kertaa paremmalta laittautuneena (koska näytän :)) mutta kuljen suurimman osan ajasta meikittä joten en ajattele siitä sen enempää.

      • Jenny

        :) Ehkä en ole itsekään huomannut asiaa. Olen vain katsonut että pientä ehostusta (pohjustus ja ripsari) sulla on melkein aina kuvissa

  • heidi

    aivan ihana poncho :)<3

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