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Uncategorized,12 May 2017

Hugh Hefner, me and more or less the entire fashion world has fallen for the slippers. Different varieties of the Gucci slip-in loafer has been spotted everywhere for over a year already and it’s still going strong. This  iconic furry version looks cozy and extremely cool, but for someone like myself a little shy to jump on the most extreme and hottest trends I find these Senso ones more safe.

That one thing that differs between me and Hugh Hefner (ok, there might be more than just one) is that I like these shoes worn with the complete opposite style of clothes. A feminine/girly dress, business like clothes like wide legged trousers and a silk shirt or skinny jeans and a blazer. I would stay away from wearing them with a robe like kimono or two piece pajama set even though those pieces are wonderful on their own.

What I love most about these slippers is that they are a bit different from the Gucci shoe that I’m already a bit tired of. They also feel good on the feet and the golden studs add some femininity.

I know the opinions on these shoes differ a lot, therefore I would love to hear what you think. Yay or nay?

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