Fashion,6 June 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Ellos

Ready for some more summer inspo? I picked my pastel dreams perfect for Midsummer or during any other hot and gorgeous summer day. I don’t know why, but my summer style is much more Mamma Mia-“ish” and bohemian than what I’d go for during the rest of the year. Summer just makes me feel free which reflects in my mood and apparently how I dress as well.

In this collage, I’ve picked my favorites that I’d like to wear any day of the week, but my number one favorite is for sure dress number 8 and the double splitted skirt. I just have a thing for splits. They just feel fun and sexy at the same time.

Ok so, when you shop (here), make sure to use the discount code :395438 because that gives you 30% off the most expensive piece in your purchase. The discount includes a lot of external brands as well as furniture. Code valid until 30/6 and only on ordinary prices.

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1 (here) 2 (here) 3 (here) 4 (here) 5 (here) 6 (here) 7 (here) 8 (here) 9 (here) 10 (here) 11 (here) 12 (here)

13 (here)

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