Overall all over but in all the wrong places

Fashion,Outfit,10 October 2017

Have to post way too many pictures of this outfit just because this overall is too amazing to be true. I love it, although it reminds me of a construction worker’s uniform.  Roll up the sleeves and wear a shoe that shows off your ankles and the result is more feminine.

Today I’m concentrating on other things than fashion. My baby has been missing me and I’m feeling jealousy towards our nanny. Instead of being at home I’m sitting at school studying and finishing off another essay. I would love to dive into the world of studies, but somehow I feel emotionally disconnected from that, since I’m juggling so many balls at once. Motherhood issues I guess. When you feel like you’r never in the right place doing the right thing. Anyone else who knows what I mean?


overall bikbok// shoes zara// bag and earrings chanel// sunglasses ray ban


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