Outfit,7 October 2018

I’ve worn the same clothes 3 days in a row now. The introvert me has taken over. I’ve only stayed in with a few breaks for walks and park play with the kids. The fridge echoes empty, but I’m loaded with peace. I’ve just listened to music, cooked, played and cleaned. And studied of course. The only plan I had for this weekend.

I’m obsessed with weekends lately. It’s like we’ve been given two days to do exactly the opposite of what we do the rest of the time. Break away! I’m used to spend my weekends catching up on the things I didn’t do, but now I just let go and live life instead. I have some newly found qualities I try to nourish. Patience and determination. Two qualities I never really understood the value and power of before. Now it’s become a ground I try to build all my decisions on.

Tomorrow I’ll be back. Hopefully in a more cheerful and upbeat kind of spirit, but today I’m gonna read some more, make potato-leek soup and heat up the sauna. Shut down before it’s show time again ;).

jumpsuit and coat kappahl// bag chanel// boots dr. martens

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Mami

    Härligt härligt! Låter just perfekt. Introverta dagar är mycket sköna. Jag älskar mina mitt-i veckan dagar när jag själv är ledig och alla andra på jobb. Bäst.

  • Tarja

    On aina ihanaa lukea miten joku muukin nauttii siitä, että saa viettää rauhallisen viikonlopun viikon kiireiden vastapainona. Usein tuntuu oudolta vastata ihmisten kysymyksiin viikonloppusuunnitelmista, että ihan meinataan vaan chillailla…

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