One day at work

Uncategorized,10 July 2014
A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot for my very favorite salad bar, after work spot and bar/ restaurant  Ravintola Teatteri. I was so happy and honored when my talented co-worker and friend, stylist Minttu Vesala called me and asked me to be the face for the restaurant’s bubbles campaign! I couldn’t resist, obviously;).
It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed working together with such a talented group of people. My husband, Greta and Lilo were all with me at the studio, so I was totally stress free and therefore able to concentrate and really let go, play around in the sea of balloons and just enjoy myself.
I absolutely love the styling, makeup, scene and the entire setup (totally obsessed with the balloons!!!).
So grateful for these kind of days when I get to be my old self for a day, with my family there to support me<3. I just love my job!
Do you enjoy reading about my day’s at work and wish to have more posts like this, or not so much ;D?
photographer: Elina Simonen
styling: Minttu Vesala
makeup and hair: Emilie Tuuminen


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