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Uncategorized,13 July 2014
The last few day’s I’ve spent at the cabin with family. I spend most of my time just relaxing, playing with Greta, walking long walks in nature and eating lots of good food. My only task is to get the paper every morning, while on my morning walk.
 Last night I ended the day by relaxing in the sauna all by myself and eating pancakes before going to bed. 
Today I woke up before everyone else, had a huge cup of coffee outside just enjoying the view, the air, the quiet and that exact moment.
 Greta is having a blast being the center of attention and I enjoy having some peace and quiet around me that allows me to think more creative thoughts, have deeper conversations and concentrate more on the now. 
Being outdoors and staying active is really important to me and makes me happy, so I try to really take advantage of what this place has to offer. 
It’s funny though how people change with time. I would never have thought that I would become the kind of person who would enjoy being away from hectic city life for more than a couple of days, but now I really love being here with my own little family, away from everything else…
Right here right now,  everything is just how it should be <3.

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  • Mulle on käynyt just noin, ehkä se on tätä vanhenemista ;) Nuorempana sitä oli parasta olla hektisessä kaupungissa, mutta nykyään sielu lepää ihan muissa olosuhteissa :) Vaikka oon asunut aina kaupungissa, rakastan nykyään olla mökillä tai muuten maalla. Ja haluaisin muuttaa maalle ja saada oman heppani kotipihaan. Ja koiruus sais olla vapaana pihalla aina, se olis ihanaa :) Mutta kaupungissa käyntikin tekee hyvää aina silloin tällöin, ettei ihan metsity :D Optimaalisinta oliskin asua ihan maalla luonnon rauhassa, mutta lähellä jotain isoa kaupunkia.

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