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Uncategorized,11 March 2015

Look what I found at Cape Universal’s VIP ystävämyynnit today! These denim short dungarees are super cute and this hat is pure perfection combined with a black bikini on a warm summer day at the beach. I also found so many cute kicks for Greta which I already posted a picture of on my instagram here!

If you want to load up on your vans at a great price, make sure to stop by Cape Universals ystävämyynnit starting tomorrow at 9am and ends on Sunday at 6pm! The address is Kiviaidankatu 2c, Lauttasaari! (Sisäänkäynti sisäpihan lastauslaiturin vieressä).

Shopping for summer was exactly what I deserved today after writing an exam all morning. Now it’s finally over and now I’m gonna switch into work/blog mode instead :). Have a great night!


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