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Fashion,8 August 2019

Today, me and my daughter attended first day of preschool or to be completely correct, we went for a little tour in the building. I was more nervous than her, but everything went well and now we’ve celebrated with some sweets and lemonade, while discussing our first impressions.

Work has really kicked off for me and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Yesterday I worked all day before I put the kids to bed at 8pm and had no more than two hours to complete a quiz for school as well as write a report that had to be handed in at 10 pm. After that I still had an abundance of unread emails to answer as well as a video to edit. Next week our kids are back to their hobbies and this time we have one hobby every day except for Thursdays. How will I be able to handle everything? How do you mommies do it?!

Anyways, I decided to use my last chance, so tomorrow, I’m escaping to the country side for the weekend. Both me and the kids need it. I need the peace to mentally prepare for everything ahead.

Have a nice weekend loves!

jacket Sandro// t-shirt Gina Tricot// shorts and shoes Zara// bag Chanel

Pictures:Juuli Rönkä

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