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Fashion,Motherhood,19 February 2016
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Let me present to you my new sunglasses. Sunglasses my dear friends, are extremely important…I have the blessing in life to have gotten two babies with whom I get to spend time with also all through the night, every night ;). Cute kids. Me, not so cute in the morning. So I’ve come up with a secret recipe how to cover up the lack of sleep as well as keep myself somewhat going. Here is my list:

Coffee. I know it might have an effect on the babies stomach but I haven’t seen any signs or reaction to it. Gabriel suffers from stomach pain mostly at night, which is why I keep telling myself he’s not sensitive to coffee since I only drink one cup in the morning. Holding on to my daily dose until I have to let go.

Water. I always drink a lot of water. Always have and probably always will. I need it, therefore I drink it. It keeps my head ache somewhat in check and also helps me stay on track diet wise. Someone asked me how I manage to drink so much and this is my answer: I get thirsty. If you are thirsty drink. If you are not don’t. It is unhealthy to drown oneself in water unless you need it. Drink 2-3 liters every day but don’t over do it.

Shower. Might sound pretty obvious to most people. It is not. Some days it seems absolutely impossible to remember/ find the time to take a shower. I have to make it my life mission as soon as I get up. If I don’t shower right away it never happens (I get interrupted to change a diaper, clean artwork by a two year old from the walls, pick up something from the floor, nurse, play doctor with Greta, make a snack, answer the phone, dance and sing to Frozen songs, change a diaper, nurse, put clothes back on Greta…) and all of a sudden it’s time to go to bed.

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Fresh air. As soon as I leave the house I feel more like myself and less like some crazy person hiding in a messy (!!!) cave totally isolated from the rest of the world. My recipe for success is to spend lots of time outside of the home to keep our apartment from totally falling apart. It keeps my anxiety over a dirty home in check.

Don’t apologize. When I invite people over I’ve decided not to apologize for the mess. No matter how much I clean it doesn’t make any difference. It is Greta’s day job to make a mess and she should get rewarded for her input.

Concealer. Yes, I wear a lot. It get’s expensive but it’s so worth it.

Sunglasses. When nothing else works. Hide behind gorgeous shades and look like a million dollars. Who cares if it rains. Be like Anna Wintour and feel fabulous.

Foodora. Hooked, obsessed and totally a life savior. On days when I crave something special or have no energy to cook I easily click myself into the site and a while later my food is brought to me by an angel dressed in pink (and cycling pants).

Sunglasses from Max & Co

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


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