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Uncategorized,25 January 2017

*In collaboration with Zadaa// kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Zadaan kanssa

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Every now and then when something miraculous happens as when I’ve dropped off Greta to daycare, cleaned up the morning mess and Gabriel decides to surprise me with a longer nap at home, I take every chance I get and indulge with a second breakfast in bed. I read emails, blog, scroll through Instagram and shop. I love to browse through my favorite second hand sites where I’ve made my most precious finds. Everything from vintage Chanel bags and jewelry to my super affordable Acne cardigan and the most perfect jeans I’ve ever owned. I love everything about recycling. The search, bargaining, connecting with new interesting people and of course the excitement when the parcel arrives. It’s a hobby where I have fun trading, buying and selling with good conscious. A place where change of mind is desirable.

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As I have familiarized myself with my new collaboration partner Zadaa I now want to spread the word forward since I know many of us start our spring cleaning and this app is really easy to use. Zadaa is an app offering a platform where you can buy or sell safe and easy. What makes Zadaa so great is that by giving it information about your body type, size, taste and budget it will offer you a selection trying to meet your wishes. What I find extremely important is safety to transfer money, which this app has solved for me. Zadaa holds the money until the buyer receives the purchased product and guarantees a full refund unless the buyer for some reason doesn’t receive it.

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As it became my new “in bed” partner I got kind of hooked and made it my every day “secret” behavior for a week to scroll through the selection. I typed in my favorite brands and products and even bumped into a few familiar faces while there. That always makes it even more cozy. Knowing myself I didn’t log out empty handed. I actually bought the perfect grey chunky beanie. So classic and non-itchy (must). I’ll show it to you as soon as it’s out of the freezer where I keep everything I buy second hand for a couple of days (or weeks when I forget them hehe).

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Download the app for iOS here and the android version here!

I now challenge you to do a very critical wardrobe spring cleanse and upload whatever you don’t use (be honest) on Zadaa. I have to do the same myself. After that it’s time to update and refill with things you actually need and inspire you. Zadaa offers all new buyers a 5euro discount on their first purchase. Use the code SR9929 to claim your credit.




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