my favorite Ray bans

Uncategorized,30 July 2014
From the left downwards:
1. RB 3025 aviator large metal 001/33 62
2. RB 3025 aviator large metal 112/93 58
3. RB 4141 601/58 3P
4. RB 4175 879/N1 2N
5. RB 4175 877/32 2N
6. RB 4175 877 3N


  • Windy

    Ei liity mitenkään tähän postaukseen, mutta haluaisin kysyä, kun Alexan asunnostanne tekemässä sisustuspostauksessa näkyi semmoinen mustasävyinen kattokruunu, niin mistä olet löytänyt sen? :)

  • Anonymous

    Just found your blog by an accident and fell in love immediately. There is a certain beauty in your writing that I come across really rarely. I am not sure what is it, the purity in your eyes or your sincere smile, that makes me look up to you in admiration. Because I am significantly younger than you I might not be able to relate to your life in each post, but I can definitely say that I just found a new inspiring person, a favorite blog, and a role model; for me you seem like someone that I look up to with appreciation. I wish that one day I would grow up to be a woman like you, not only for the fact that my biggest dream is to be a model, but also because you seem to be such a unique and sweet person! Not to forget your great sense of style and exterior beauty. I wish you all the best and happiness! Keep up the great work. xx

    N.L 15 y/o

    • Sofia Ruutu

      I can’t tell you enough how happy your comment makes me. The fact that you’ve taken your time to write me something this nice, really warms my heart <3. Thank you!

      If you really want to be a model you should just go for it! Send in some pictures of yourself to a model agency near you, and then go from there. If you don’t try you’ll never know, and even if you don’t become a model you’ll always know you tried. The most important thing and my best advice is to always remember never to change yourself! Be who you are and look how you look and never let anyone try to make you look or be different than what you are. If the modeling industry can’t take you for exactly who you are today, there are a million other things you can do and a million other people who will love you for YOU!

      So happy that you stopped by to say hi<3


  • Anonymous

    tyylikkäita ovat. kantajansa näköiset ;)

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