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Fashion,7 February 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Gant:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Gant

In the honor of Gant celebrating its 70-eth birthday this year, I get to represent the most timeless and iconic piece I have in my wardrobe; the white shirt. The white shirt is always dressed up and relaxed at the same time, ageless, unisex and flattering on every body type. It’s the safest piece of clothing, being everything but boring. It’s funny how something so simple always manages to catch my attention. It’s my favorite piece of clothing both on men and women and I always admire and feel just a little bit of irritating jealousy, when I see someone wearing that perfectly ironed, crisp white shirt. It’s so effortless and always elegant.

The white shirt is the one piece I think everyone should have in the wardrobe. There are so many options, it becomes independent of personal style. The fitted shirt works perfectly with high waisted wide legged trousers or a full skirt and the boxy oversized fit is perfect with jeans, leather pants and a pencil skirt. A white men’s shirt paired with black leggings was my most worn outfit during my pregnancies and not to mention how great it served me afterwards while nursing and finding my way back to my pre- pregnancy body.

The white shirt is not only my foundation in the wardrobe. Actually, Gant as a brand is built on the iconic white shirt and is the brand to thank for many good inventions, improvements and details. Gant was the first brand to invent the locker loop placed at the back of the shirt to keep it wrinkle free while hanging in the Ivy League locker rooms. Gant is also known for the “perfect roll collar” when unbuttoned, not to even mention the box pleat- which I love. The box pleat is the rectangular pleat at the back of the shirt. To me, this pleat adds to the timeless and relaxed look of a shirt and makes it fall beautifully in the back.

I chose this soft cotton shirt in a classic model but went up quite a few sizes. The softness of the material makes it versatile and care free. I wear it half tucked in, tied at the waste or all tucked into my skinny jeans. However, I always prefer to unbutton the sleeves to make it feel even more relaxed and like myself.

How do you wear yours?

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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