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A couple of days ago I took some time for myself and went to the movies. I sat down completely by myself in a room with zero possibility to multitask. It did me good. Before the kids I used to go to the movies all the time. It’s the best way to shut everything else out and disappear into another world for a while.

Another thing I should keep up is listening to music. As a child I used to wait hour after hour by the stereo for that one great song to come on so I could push record on the cassette. Then I listened to that song on repeat for months. Music has always been my number one motivator when working out, while studying and it also played a crucial role while in labour. Perfect mood setter for any occasion.

A few days ago while stopping by a record shop nearby the guy who worked there wanted to play us some music while we snapped some pictures. He was adorable and seemed very passionated about his job. He put on Vivaldi-Spring and it created a special feeling and the perfect mood. I love classic music. It reminds me of my grandmother who always listened to classic music on the radio as well as my years by the ballet bar.

Music plays a huge role in my life and I basically love something from every genre. Next up is Justin Bieber and I can’t wait to experience that whole phenomenon.

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shirt and jeans zara// belt vintage// shoes &other stories

Pictures by Janita Autio


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