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baby,Motherhood,personal,29 January 2016

Two weeks more or less at home with this little frog. Feels great. I was afraid I wouldn’t have as much time to bound with this baby as I had with Greta, but I’ve really taken time to just stare, get to know and admire him. I was complete before but even more so now. It’s just me and my children. I live for them and nothing else really matters right now.

This time is important. It goes by fast but will be remembered and cherished forever, by all of us. Looking back at pictures and videos of Greta is one of my favorite things and brings back so many emotions and feelings.

Family is everything, whatever family means to each individual. Our security blanket, source of strength, faith, understanding, hope and most importantly it’s the purest form of love that exist. This weekend will be all about family, and tomorrow I’m turning 28. Happy to be exactly where I want to be. LOVE.

IMG_0172 IMG_0257-2-2 IMG_0277

Pictures by Janita Autio




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