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Fashion,18 February 2019

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Good morning! I’m back home and this week will be a mix of trying to work, getting organized before my next trip and taking care of the kids who are home from daycare this week. I will have to work in the evenings, but I’m sure that’s going to have to come to an end because tomorrow, I’m going to get my sleep tested and I’m sure they won’t recommend me to work late on both my laptop and phone. So, I’m taking advantage of the situation and living rebelliously all I can before the doomsday ;).

This thin down coat by Busnel has become my number one mum-favorite! I love the knitted sleeves and that it’s an unusually elegant down coat that goes with everything from dresses to leggings and will be perfect with sneakers now when the streets are dry. This is what I wear during the weekends, whether we are playing in the park or going downtown for lunch.

Speaking of mum-activities, we managed to clamp in fun things to do with the kids while in Stockholm for three days. We went to Junibacken as usual, Rålands park (a big recommendation!), Fjärilshuset and shark aquarium in Haga. The weather was perfect, and I feel happy that we managed to combine family time with business this seamlessly.

coat busnel (here)// jeans cubus (gifted)// boots zara// scarf santosh//hairpin gauhar// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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