messy hair don’t care

hair,17 December 2014

Having a blog means that I get to see myself from another point of view and from a distance. I realize things I haven’t seen before, like the fact that my hair always looks the same from day to day :D. It’s quite tiresome (!) to stare at one self post after post which is why I have decided to spice it up a little. This can be done by creating new hairdo’s and have more fun with my look in general.

I’m all about natural looking hair and I never wear strict hairdo’s. My new favorite is to wear a super messy bun. It never looks the same and it’s the perfect do for mommy’s on the go. All I need is some dry shampoo,  one or two bobby pins for loose locks, a hair tie and some hair spray ( a lot actually).

I will show you which specific products I use tomorrow, and later today I will post yesterday’s outfit :).

Have a good day!


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