Uncategorized,13 January 2018

Looked through some old pictures and couldn’t hold back. I’ve only kept this blog for four years, but the number of pictures taken is massive! I’m so lucky to have worked with many amazing and talented people. Many of the photographer’s I’ve worked with have become super meaningful to me and we’ve shared so many special moments together. All of these pictures mean a lot to me. I remember the situations like yesterday and I’m so happy to have so many pictures as memories of these years with these people in my life.

Today I’m going to spend the day with a good friend of mine. The kids can play and I’m hoping we can just relax, eat and chit chat about life. Casual and the best way to spend a Saturday. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating my baby boy turning two and next week is filled with work, travel, photo shoots and other fun stuff. Have a great one you guys!


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