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personal,25 October 2017

Thank you Alyssa Milano for starting this super important movement #metoo. I have so many opinions, feelings and personal experiences about this subject, but I’m going to choose silence this time. Not because I think silence is a good option when it comes to this subject, rather the opposite, but simply because I’m not ready. Also, I find it difficult to put my feelings, opinions and thoughts into words. I choose to share my own thoughts and experiences with my near and dear ones, but I’m so proud of everyone brave enough to speak up publicly. Sexual harassment is never ok. A yes is what should be required, not a no. Sexual harassment is unacceptable both from men and women and everything in between, so let’s remember this has nothing to do with man hate. It’s a problem we need to understand and see the width of no matter who and to what extent it has touched. Only knowing that we are not alone is important when dealing with feelings like shame and fear.

All I want to say is bravo to you who dear to speak up for all of us who only dear to say me too. However, that is enough too.


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