Fashion,Outfit,20 December 2016

*In collaboration with Longchamp//Kaupallinen yhteistyö Longchampin kanssa


While planning for this collaboration and deciding on what to wear I fell even deeper in love with the french luxury house founded in Paris 1948. This family owned company with a reputation for craftsmanship and quality now own more than 300 exclusive Longchamp boutiques all over the world.

I got so excited over not only these perfectly made Paris Premiere bags but also the ready-to-wear collection containing soft and rich leathers, suede, fur and silk. This leather coat with fur details truly is to die for. A classic but interesting statement piece for any fashionista to bring flair into her wardrobe.

What I want from luxury pieces like these are lasting fashion that can’t be copied. I want  design that feels exclusive, surprising, innovative and contemporary yet ageless. It’s a difficult combination but not impossible. I own pieces from more than a decade ago that still are up to date and in perfect condition without being boring. In these times we live in, high quality products and lasting design is the only smart way to go both in micro and macro perspective. More affordable both for the individual and world.

This winter and upcoming spring totes are finally back in every luxury brand collection. Comfortable cross body bags are replaced with feminine hand carried totes bringing back elegance and fun to fashion. The Paris Premiere tote bag is all that. An investment that will beautifully age with you keeping you up-to-date and chic from year to year still bringing a smile on your face every time you grab it .

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Pictures by Janita Autio


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