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Motherhood,28 October 2014

 Thank you for your emails, comments and support on the last post. I already feel a bit better and part of it is because of you<3. You make me realize that I’m not alone and that there is hope. Eventually she will sleep better and the hopeless feelings I have right now will be far gone.

I am not going out for a walk this morning as I promised myself last night. Instead I’m gonna answer emails and watch modern family on netflix while Greta is napping ;D. Later today I have to run a million errands and I’m also taking Greta to a family cafe to play.

Look what I found going through pictures this morning! These pictures were taken only weeks after Greta was born and they bring back so many beautiful memories. The time after her birth was so special and magical and I was living in a bubble for months. I felt like a lion because I wanted to protect her from everyone and everything and I had super powers from all the hormones. I even had nightmares about things that could happen and harm her.

I am so grateful for everything that she has thought me and the person I’ve become because of her. After becoming a mother life will never be the same as it once was. I’m sure that every mother knows what I’m talking about <3.

I wish you all a great Tuesday despite the rainy weather :)!

_MG_1205 _MG_1183 _MG_1150 _MG_1151 _MG_1181

Pictures by Marica Rosengård


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