Fashion,Outfit,14 June 2016
Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_8994

My favorite material this season is without a doubt linen. It not only feels cool and soft on the body, but it also looks more relaxed than any other material. It all started when I purchased my first set of linen sheets for our bed. Since that day I haven’t used any other sheets. I just love the texture and feel against my skin.

So far I’ve chosen linen in it’s most natural shades. I have a linen dress that’s loose and airy as well as this shirt. Both pieces have already been worn more than any other piece in my summer wardrobe.  This shirt is perfect combined with white shorts or simply with a pair of great jeans. Simplicity is always a winning concept and doesn’t have to be boring. In these wonderful times of sales, I know exactly what I’ll be on the hunt for. More linen.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_8996 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_8999 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_9006 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_9004 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160609_9005

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


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