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Fashion,Outfit,pregnancy,8 January 2016
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Yes the view was unreal, the light fairytale like and the overall mood incredible at Kauppatori the other day, but I’m never doing that again. Shooting when it’s -21 °C outside. Not to even mention how cold it must have been for Dora to handle the camera. I don’t know what we were thinking really, but at the same time I’m so glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to see how beautiful the sky and sea looked. It was for sure as beautiful as it was cold.

It’s shocking how shocked I get each year when the real cold hits. It’s like I’ve never experienced it before and every year I feel like I don’t have anything to wear to survive. Speaking of survival and inspired by the cold, I highly recommend you to watch the movie March of the penguins. One of my all time favorite films and my favorite animal ever since I was a little girl. The life they live is so awakening, harsh but beautiful, time stopping, raw and grounding. Highly recommend it. I said that already didn’t I? Well just do it!

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coat and maternity jeans hm// knit andiata// bag saint laurent// shoes dr martens// beanie cos

Pictures by Dora Dalila


  • Meredith

    What a penguin you are:) These so amazing and I can only image how cold it must been. I´ve trying to stay inside as much as possible when thought I love winter but now it´s bit too cold when for me. But today is prefect day to change new sheet when it´s cold it´s super cool to get all the blankets and pillows outside to freeze for a while and it kills all the (ötökät) so that´s my plan for today.

    p.s I´ve seen the movie and it makes me cry overtime time. Have a great day, you!!

  • Kate

    You look gorgeous and scenery is just magical. I wish I could be able to survive cold and still look chic and feminine, any tips on that? What is the best type of coat for freezing temperatures? I can survive with long down jacket or layer of thin down jacket + wool coat, but would gladly purchase something else if that will work too!

  • Natali

    Hahaha! I think that a Croatian woman would have already went into an early labour while shooting these photos! this proves that you’re a real Scandi beauty! :)
    Well done girl!

  • Sienna

    Miten peität tummat silmäaluset? Ostin YSL:n valokynän, jota muistan täällä suositelleesi. Riittääkö ainoastaan meikkivoide ja valokynään päälle? Käytän todella harvoin meikkiä, joten olen todella surkea meikkaaja:/ Olen kuullut positiivista myös Anastasian countour paketista ja jotain vinkkejä, että valokynän päälle laittavat (siihen pakettiin kuuluva ns. keltaista) puuteria vielä päälle.

    Kiitos jo etukäteen avusta!:)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      En käytä meikkivoidetta itse. Käytän ainoastaan valokynää. Itse olen allerginen ysl:n valokynälle mutta se on tosi hyvä! Tällä hetkellä käytän mac valokynää ja välillä myös Estee Lauderia :). Anastasian meikit ovat kyllä todella laadukkaita ja hyviä, joten varmasti toimii myös tähän tarkoitukseen :). Jos klikkaat kategoriaa beauty pääset kaikkiin kauneuteen ja meikkaamiseen liittyviin postauksiin :).

  • Lisa

    This scenery looks indeed amazing, and so do you! <3

  • Sofia Ruutu

    Thank’s sweetheart <3

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