Life is a competition

Fashion,Outfit,personal,29 November 2018

I kicked off the Glögg season yesterday! I always drink alcohol-free Glögg because to be honest I usually prefer everything that’s “child taste-bud friendly”. If I could choose, I’d still always order from the children’s menu every time I eat out. Anyone else who’s an eternal child pretending to be an adult? I often feel exactly like that, for example when I attend parental meetings or development conversations at daycare, or when I find myself at investment meetings. In these situations, I find myself thinking: When will they realize I’m just a child with no clue of what I’m doing? That’s why I love the saying: fake it til you make it, because I’ve done that a lot and it has taken me places I never would have gotten to without a little bit of pretending. If someone else can I can too, which leads me to the topic I really wanted to discuss which is comparison and competition.

As I am in the middle of a very questioning phase, I’ve come to reflect over social media platforms quite a lot. What inspires me in a good way and what gives me anxiety? I want to feel motivated and inspired by others, not insecure about myself. Nevertheless, do I want to communicate negative feelings outwards. Why do we compare ourselves to others and how does that affect us? I think most of us compare us to others or at least reflect ourselves in others in one way or another. What I have realized is: I like that! When I follow inspiring people and surround myself with amazing friends with all kinds of super powers I get more driven and confident. I try to always think; if she can I can too, therefore I will. The most important thing is to never compare your journey to someone else’s journey and remember that someone else’s success is never away from yours. Just wanted to share this with you, since I find it comforting to have realized that comparison can be very positive, awakening and strength giving. What are your thoughts?

Have a great day today!

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  • Pepperbun

    I think it is about the personality how exactly you compare yourself to others. With envy, negativity or with aspiration to be better you. It tells a lot about how independently one thinks and how self-confident one is.

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