Let there be indulgence

personal,3 January 2017

Happy New year! This week is the week when everyone starts dieting, exercising and take their first step towards becoming a somewhat improved version of themselves. It’s a good thing I guess. As long as we do it for ourselves only. Not to make it look good on paper. This year I’m saying f**k it to new year resolutions and instead I’m gonna put my focus on making this year as good and most importantly as enjoyable as possible. Let this year be full of indulgence! If that so means eating even more chocolate, staying up too late or working less, let it be so. Being busy, stressing and getting as much as possible done doesn’t impress me. Although, it seems to be a trend not to have any time for leisure. This year leisure will be my main focus because I’ve realized my time at home with the kids will soon be over. However, I’ve promised myself to only do what I love, no matter if it’s work or free time. Life offers too many amazing opportunities for us to continue in patterns and a lifestyle that doesn’t make us happy. What’s your goal for 2017?

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Pictures by Janita Autio

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