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Beauty,Fashion,27 September 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö L’Oréal Paris:in kanssa// Paid collaboration with L’Oréal Paris

Greetings from a very busy, hectic, but most beautiful Paris! The city of romance, timeless elegance and fashion. I never get tired of this city because it fulfills all my esthetic and vain desires.

I am here for Paris fashion week, invited by my partner in beauty L’Oréal Paris. So far, this trip has been magical and so well arranged, I might have become a little too spoiled. In other words, I could get used to this. In this post, I share with you my yesterday in pictures.

Yesterday morning me and my friend/ photographer Juuli arrived at our beautiful room at hotel W Opera. Shortly after we packed up, my hair stylist and makeup artist came to make me ready for the show of the day: Christophe Lemaire. I wanted to have a natural but long-lasting base, rosy lip and eyeliner. We used my personal favorite products; L’Oréal Paris Infaillible 24H fresh wear foundation (200 sable doré golden sand) Unlimited Mascara, back to bronze bronzing powder. For my hair I wanted old fashioned glossy, soft and smooth waves. My glam squad were amazing, and I loved the look they gave me.

After I got dressed I got picked up by my driver who took me to the backstage of LEMAIRE show. I have to admit that I was quite nervous since I know how stressful, busy and crowded it is backstage. I also felt a bit rude and uncomfortable snapping pictures in a space where the models get dressed and undressed. I really didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, therefore I asked some models and makeup artist if I could take some pictures of them. Everyone were very kind and all of a sudden, I saw a familiar face, the Finnish makeup artist Jenny Jansson!

The makeup looks for the show were inspired by pirates. Cool, modern pirates. I love this kind of look with brick colored lips, completely raw and nude skin enhanced with a touch of concealer and a smoky charcoal eye. Very modern, very French. Best of all however, was the lip lacquer in a rusty red tabbed onto the apples of the cheeks. I want to encourage you to be brave with your products and not limit the use to what’s written on the packaging. Smudge mascara on your eyelids, dab lip-gloss on your cheeks and just try different things. Personally, I love wearing lipstick on my cheeks and bronzer as eyeshadow. So, go wild, be innovative and try different ways to use your products to get even more out of your favorites.

The show was very cool and interesting. I love being in the heart of fashion and these events are when I feel the most inspired and proud to do what I do today.

Today, is all about a fun and exciting designer collaboration with L’Oréal Paris and one of my all-time favorite designers. Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to.

Pictures of me by Juuli Rönkä

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