Fashion,8 October 2019

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coat HERE// jeans Veromoda// knit Stylein// scarf Balmuir// shoes Celine// bag Louis Vuitton

Oh boy. I’ve been back home for a few days already, but it’s an ongoing weekend over here because my daughter is fighting a heavy cold. We are lying in bed most of the time reading books, watching cartoons and not getting any of the work done I had planned for the week ;).

Today, I’m going into meetings and doing one very exciting thing I’ve been wanting to do for years! I booked a consultation appointment to a dentist I’ve heard is supposed to be very good. I’m considering some sort of braces for my lower teeth, but we’ll see what he thinks. I’ve had many kinds of braces as a child, but my teeth are super crowded and tight, so I would like to know if there is something that could be done. I’ll keep you posted later today on stories, and I’ll do my very best to speed up the posting pace here on the blog now as well.

Pictures: Sara-Annika Aremo



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