Last minute errands

Uncategorized,1 September 2014
Hi! Tomorrow me, Greta and my best friend are taking off towards Samos (yay!), so I’ve been extremely busy taking care of everything these past two days. Today I’ve literally been running from one place to another like a crazy person :P. Thankfully it hasn’t been only business though.
I am so happy it’s September, because so many of the activities that I do with Greta restarted today after the summer break. Today we attended yet another family café, and I am so grateful to have places where I can spend a few hours hanging out with other parents, watching my daughter enjoy herself surrounded by other children. Now we have at least one activity for each day of the week, if we want to! 
I am sorry it’s been so quiet here these past day’s, but I’ll make it up to you by posting beautiful pictures from my trip, ok;)? And, if you feel like you haven’t gotten enough of my old face already, you can always follow me on Instagram under sofiaruutu (link)!
lovelovelove <3


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