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Fashion,9 June 2019

The new update is finally live and I’m so happy about it. It really feels like the entire blog got a face lift. And, I feel much more inspired logging in myself. I hope you feel the same way.

We have now spent a few days away with the kids and I feel relaxed and happy. Finally, summer is here, so we gotta enjoy it to the fullest!

I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s going on in my life at the moment, because I so often talk about things I’m about to try, do or contemplating over, but sometimes forget to follow up.

First of all, I received my course grades from school which were all excellent, and I’m so relieved! Not that I aim at excellent grades hehe, I’m just happy I made it through ;). Now, I can finally completely let go of this spring’s studies and focus forward.

My son reacted quite strongly to me travelling and being away from him this spring. I promised both him and my daughter to finish up my musts at school and work so that we could be inseparable. I kept my promise and have done my very best to be 100% present with them now when I can. No exceptions! My boy is going through a strong mommy phase, but he isn’t as anxious anymore and we’ve had a really good, bound- strengthening couple of weeks together. I also make sure to spend one-on-one time with each of them, so that they get to share all their important things, thoughts and stories with me ;).

Do you remember my ongoing headache that lasted almost a year? I visited many doctors and tried everything until I got an ongoing medication. Apparently, it was headache as a reaction to stress. 3 months later, I still woke up with a headache that felt like a pulsating tight beanie, but just before Christmas it disappeared. I ended the medication on Christmas eve.

My sleep is still not good at all, but lately, it’s been a bit better. The kids sleep better and I’m much more relaxed. Next thing I want to try is a heavier weight blanket. Have you heard of it or tried it yourself?

Hair-loss. It has gotten even worse than it has ever been. I’m trying to stay positive and not care too much, but it’s frightening how much hair I’ve lost in the past three years (Please note that I have extensions in most of my pictures, so it’s not that visible for anyone else). I’m sure stress in combination with bad sleep is the main reason, therefore trying to de-stress and relax is what I need to practice, but of course, it’s easier said than done.

Acupuncture treatments are ongoing. I’ve now tried it twice and I will continue every week for a few weeks forward. I’m hoping it will eventually help me feel more at ease, whenever I feel more relaxed having needles all over my body ;).

I asked you on Instagram about tour thoughts and experiences about eliminating gluten. Thank you for getting back to me with so many wise words and point of views! You are so amazing as usual. I never have to do what I dislike the most: google :D. I think however, that I agree with all of you, even though your opinions differed. I’m sure most of us feel better without gluten (especially wheat), but if we don’t react negatively from it, it might not be a good idea to eliminate gluten completely. Getting used to a gluten-free diet, may actually create a sensitivity towards gluten. However, eating less gluten every now and then isn’t a bad idea and is something I’ve implemented in both mine and my children’s diets.

Anything else I’ve forgotten to follow up on?

Hope your weekend has been lovely <3

coat samsoe&samsoe// leather skirt and tee-shirt daisy grace// boots zara// bag dior

Pictures by Janita Autio


  • Lisa

    I actually can’t sleep with a top thin blanket at all even when it’s hot. In hotels I turn air con to 19 C and take extra blanket. :)

    Have had some sleeping issues along soon 40 years but all always related to stress so there you go.

    I hate acupuncture – it hurts! Respect for going for it and tolerating it.

    Boy and mom – that’s almost a stronger bond than father and daughter. I experienced new level of motherhood when I got a boy. He’s my soulmate. Enjoy 😉

  • Liz.m.

    Reducing stress is the most important goal in my life as well at the moment. As i work in medical field, i see what long term stress (even so called positive stress) does to ones health. Often the results of “living on the fast lane” will come many years later and they’ll hit you hard… im glad you try different technics like acupuncture for example, but for me, the best way has been just clearing my calendar, learning to say no and just overall doing more happy things :)

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