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Those of you who followed me on Instagram while I was in Paris probably already know I traveled with a group of wonderful ladies and Spalt pr. We were invited by the online shop Sarenza, focused on shoes only. It’s quite funny because I’ve actually collaborated with them once before years and years back when I kept a more health and nutrition focused blog (where I sometimes posted six times in one day (!!!) lol). Sarenza is launching in Finland this spring, which of course is bitter sweet for a shoe lover like myself ;).

The trip was beautifully organized with the most Instagram friendly lunch spots and everything planned to the last detail. We enjoyed lunch at the very cozy and delicious Season and Season Market two days in a row and I highly recommend to pay a visit if you’re ever in Paris. The food was delicious and healthy and the atmosphere nice and fresh. Trendy, easy and the perfect stop to refuel in- between shopping.

How lucky was I to have a photographer follow us around to snap pictures of the activities, lunches and dinners?! I didn’t have to worry about anything else than the most important, Paris, my lovely colleagues and most importantly shoes!

Happy women’s day to us! Who run the world ;)?

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Pictures by François-Xavier Watine

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