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Uncategorized,9 April 2018

Just remember I used to make entire posts only with inspiration quotes from Pinterest! Also, my Instagram was a beautiful mess filled with different posts of sayings, but then I got “over- inspired” aka confused :). Too many life advices to keep in mind all at once I guess.

I’m a super easily inspired person. If I read an interesting article about someone I can easily find myself searching all information available about that person. Podcasts, speeches and interviews with people’s life stories get me teared up every time just because I find people so interesting. It’s a bit crazy I know, but at the same time so very entertaining. I’ve always been this way, ever since I was little. However, most of the time I get inspired of my nearest ones. My friends and family are in my life for a reason; to teach me, widen my perspective and inspire me with their strengths.

Here are some of my favorites, what’s yours?

“Be kind to unkind people they need it the most”


“Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness”


“What if I fall?

Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”


“No one is you and that is your power”


“She believed she could so she did”


“Everything is figureoutable”


“At any given moment, you have the power to say:

This is not how the story is going to end”

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  • Mami

    Underbar klänning. Den kan man ju ha på ett bröllop?
    “Be kind to unkind people they need it the most”, håller med, men sen finns ett annat ordspråk också. “Take no shit”. Står på mitt halsband. Efva Attling. Så där är en viss balans att veta var gränsen går.

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