In-N-Out Sunshine

Uncategorized,10 March 2019

It’s Sunday morning at its best. I’m listening to Ronan Keating and Jack Johnson and my mind fills up with good memories. The whole family is gathered and even though I haven’t had a good night sleep in a long time, I feel so happy and content. Today feels uncomplicated, light and easy. Staying in bed a bit too long and enjoy banana pancakes feels like the best idea. Weekends are so important to me and I really need to feel like there is a contrast between weekend and work days. Just like it did when I was a child. Lounging around without any obligations or pressure is the perfect balance to everything.

Feels kind of weird but dreamy at the same time to have all this content from Marbella. I get even happier when my mind returns to the sun when looking at these pictures. My favorite moment from this trip was when we goofed around in the pool. I love swimming and always feel like a child in the water. Hope you get a bit of warmth and hopeful thoughts through these pictures, but no need to worry, I will alternate with real time material from here as well ;).

Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!

bikini bikbok// shirt kappahl

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Nelli

    Moikka! Milloin noi korvikset tulee myyntiin, ne on aivan täydelliset!! :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Kiitos, ihana kuulla että tykkäät! Ilmoitan heti kun tiedän milloin saadaan nämä siihen pisteeseen, että release päivä varmistuu. Nämä ovat samplet joita vielä testailen ;).

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