Home decor vol. 7

interior,16 June 2020

Now when our floorplan is finally finalized, it’s time to start organizing our pin boards, go into every single little detail and plan everything room by room. One thing I’m hyped about is that we will be getting both a sauna and a bathtub! I loooove bathing and pretty much book hotel rooms based on whether they have a bathtub or not, hehe. What do you prefer, sauna or bathtub?

We will get a large open kitchen combined with the dining room and here are some inspo pictures of the style we like. Also, I’m really into art, so I’ve ordered a custom-made piece by my one and only Juuli to decorate our dining room wall. I love to mix both modern and old art pieces to make the artwork reflect our personalities and taste.

Now I need to go, because believe it or not, the post courier is on his way to deliver a parcel to me, even tho I’m in the middle of the forest at our summer house! Great to now when the Net-a-porter sale kicked off, haha!


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