Home decor vol. 5

interior,19 March 2020

While my brain slowly starts to feel like mashed potatoes, I realized, that I have one isolated space to escape too. Our new apartment! It’s completely under construction and looks like a war zone, but the light never disappoints and most importantly, it’s totally corona -free. So today, I’m going to dress up (aka wear my best pajama) and go to work with a big bottle of hand sanitizer, some toilet paper and my laptop under my arm.

I’ve been trying to come up with things to put our time and energy towards now when we have way more time on our hands. The apartment would be the most natural project, but unfortunately, we are still planning the floorplan and overall layout so we are much dependent of other people and there is not much we can do by ourselves. It’s way more difficult than expected to fit all our wishes and demands into one space, but we are getting there!!! However, it looks like our days with a big and gorgeous walk-in-closet are over. I want a big kitchen and dining room instead, so I think we’ve finally come up with a compromise that feels really good. That’s adulting if something, no?

I want a white kitchen with coffee colored marble and a huge black dining table. Love the one in this collage! Pretty much exactly how I imagine our dining space to look like. I even ordered a painting from the most talented artist I know. Art is so important to me and brings personality into any space. Can’t wait for the project to proceed. May all of this be over very soon.


Source: Pinterest

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