home decor vol.4

interior,13 December 2019

Source: Pinterest

Cheers for Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m planning on ordering Nepalese for dinner because we have friends coming over… Like every Friday. Then we have ballet, which after I really want to try to catch the Lucia parade. It’s a tradition I love and so does my children.

It’s been a couple of super hectic days with Christmas parties, performance rehearsals, hobbies and a lot of work for me. So, I haven’t had too much time to fantasize about our new home that looks more or less like a cemetery at the moment. It’s a good thing though, because we are starting to see the space clearer in the process of clearing out the apartment from all the old.

This mood board is very similar to all the others I’ve shared, but that must mean I know what I want, right ;)? Obsessed with checked floors, but do you think it’s too risky? Will I get sick of it?

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